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Rules & Regulations

Participating members of NACM Colorado must register in the SolusionsTM  Member Rewards program prior to points being earned. Contact NACM Colorado via or by phone to initiate registrations. Points may be redeemed only by those member companies in good standing with NACM Colorado. Cancelled member companies forfeit all un-redeemed points. Points "cap" at 100,000 at which time no further points will accrue until previously earned points, either in part or in full, are redeemed. Points earned through the assignment of collection accounts are subject to the following restrictions:  accounts must be less than one (1) year old; assigned accounts may not be a "second agency" placement; debtor company is still in business and operating at the time of placement; debtor has not filed bankruptcy; earned points are based on principle balance only and exclude interest and/or finance charges. SolusionsTM  Rewards Program effective June 1, 2009.

SolusionsTM  Member Rewards rules and regulations subject to change without notice.

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